Saturday, November 24, 2012

Minidress for Less at Northgate Night Bazaar Part 2

I gave it a try for the second time around but I took only half of the booth to lessen the expenses and increase the chance of earning more. However one thing I noticed from the people working in the area, they are not after the quality because they are after the lowest price they can get. It was hard to compete to all other booths selling items below 500 which I think is the maximum amount they would spend on a single item. I had to lower my selling price to be able to compete with the market.

Doing this business made me realize a lot of things. It doesn't matter how high quality or carefully designed your items are because if it is not affordable for the common people no one will buy it. People nowadays don't care of the quality as long as the price is affordable. This is one of the challenges I faced during my second week. Good thing I bought additional items to sell like hair curlers and nail arts which ranges from 50-150 pesos. People bought most of those items because it is more affordable especially their 13th month pay will be on a Friday and we are only there till Thursday. The good part is Minidress for Less is getting more clients online since all the people who bought my items received a calling card where they can get information about my page.

I know I still have a lot to learn in studying my target market and what sells to them. I am definitely not going to give up and pursue what other successful bazaarista has reached. I was told a lot of inspiring stories how other bazaarista started. They are mostly like me back then and they experienced a lot of ups and downs along the way by they never gave up. I will just do the same and definitely in the future I will be as successful as them.

 Here is the booth I shared with a very nice person named Rhem who I met there during my first week.


  1. Really a nice blog to read.New entrepreneurs should be encouraged rightly.Apart from this rightly said quality and price are very difficult to keep pace with each together.Middle class people look for less price rather than other things like quality.You can even visit (

  2. Thanks John Dev!
    This is how it goes here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the competition is getting tougher and tougher particularly we now have many Chinese players everywhere. BTW, cool website! I am still on the look out for other places to target better clients.