Friday, November 16, 2012

Minidress for Less Goes to Northgate Night Bazaar in Alabang

Hello ladies! I was too busy for the bazaar I joined this week. I almost forgot to post my experiences here. Anyway, here are the happenings and my experiences during the past four days. It was actually my first time to join bazaars like this and I totally have no idea what to expect. It all started when I suddenly saw a post of bazaar schedules in one of the most famous ad site here in the Philippines. I am actually curious about how it works. In fact, I've been planning to join one since last year I just didn't have enough information on how to join. So after searching for all the bazaar schedule for the last quarter of the year I have finally chosen to go for Northgate Night Bazaar mainly because the target market is mostly call center agents. I thought it was the perfect place for me because most of my items are casual dresses and party dresses perfect for office attire or even for their upcoming Christmas parties.

I then contacted the organizer at that time which is Walk on Water Events by Ms. Joji Saulog. So I contacted her and asked about the rent and the terms. She immediately called me and told me what I need to know. She said the rent is PHP9,000 for 4 days and 3 nights of bazaar plus PHP450 for the temporary permit. I immediately talked to some friends who might be interested to share the booth with me. I was so eager to join because I really want to experience how it was like to sell outside the internet and promote Minidress for Less. Some friends agreed to share the booth with me so I immediately paid half of the cost for the reservation only to find out at the end of the day that they cannot join me anymore. I felt bad because I need to shoulder all the expenses this time and it feels too risky for me especially it is going to be my first time to join in bazaars. 

So here comes the day of the bazaar and I was so confused where to find the location since it was also my first time to go to that area in Alabang. We just took the bus going to Alabang since I only have less than 100 pieces of dresses to sell. When I got there, first thing I noticed is that most of my neighboring booth has tons and tons of clothes packed all over their booth. I was like, "Ako ata pinaka konti ang dala dito". Which turned out to be true hehe so my booth looked too big for me. 

I don't know anybody there and I didn't know about booth sharing till I met ate Ludy who is also a bazaarista. She taught me everything I need to know and I felt better despite all the disadvantages I was thinking. At the end of the event, I did not really earn a lot but for me it isn't that bad for a first timer. I will definitely come back for more! You'll never know what the results will be until you take the risk. On my next bazaar I will definitely share the booth with one bazaarista I also met there ^_^

Here are the photos of my booth together with my mom and brother who helped me throughout. If you are planning to start joining bazaars you might want to consider checking the place first and ask other bazaarista if they would be interested to share the booth with you. It is better for a first timer to just share the booth first to lessen the risk especially if you don't have much budget to cover all your expenses like food, transportation and salary of your sales lady.

Blouses for P150-P380
My turn to sell
Sleepless nights in Northgate
Beyonce glitter dress!
My younger brother who sells better than me ^_^
The front side of my booth
The back side of my booth
Minidresses for only P380
This is the most eye catching dress in my booth. Everyone stops to take a look.
Me during the bazaar
My wonder mom who managed to stay awake the whole night just to let me sleep

I had to hang all the clothes I have to make my booth look full

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